The Frida Flow Project


FridaFloW created with „Sonic Miner“ a charismatic debut album. An authentic sound between Alternative Country and Freak Folk. Naive charm meets profundity. The Album is a musical journal through upheaval and new impulse in life in Berlin and Zürich and in between.

FridaFloW began on a 22 foot sailing boat  named „Frida“ on the Havel in Brandenburg and in Berlin. Later on the album grew in an old schoolhouse outside of Zürich. FloW modified a former classroom into a studio. Friendly musicans came along. One of them is Sepp Kuffer, who gave new inspirations with his unique accordion sounds and string arrangements. Patrick Arp contributed his groovy bluegrass style and added steelguitars and banjos. In the beginning FridaFloW played the basses. In a later stage he played and recorded most of the other instruments by himself. He did the arrangements and wrote the texts for his singing. 
A varied and powerful album was realized. 

The debut album „Sonic Miner“ is coming out: 2020 October, 23rd.