The Frida Flow Project

FRIDAFLOW 2009-2016

FridaFloW started as a pure session project in Berlin in the year 2009. Unnumerable jam- sessions with different guitarplayers and drummers took place in special locations organized and recorded by Wolf Marcus Goeppner. Many of the outdoor jams happened
on a 22 foot sailing boat named „Frida“.

Patrick Arp contributed his groovy bluegrass style and added steelguitars and banjos.
In the beginning Wolf Marcus Goeppner played the basses. In a later stage he played and recorded most of the other instruments by himself. He did the arrangements and wrote the texts for his singing. On this way a very authentic, personal sound was created.

In the year 2012 Wolf build up a session and recording studio in an old school-building nearby Zürich. During the following years he recorded and arranged his music and invited further musicians to take part in FridaFlow. One of them is Sepp Kuffer, who gave new inspirations with his unique accordion sounds and string arrangements.

The debut album „Sonic Miner“ is on the way and is coming out soon.